This is a help page to quickly give you some hints and pointers to what this site is all about.

Uploading Images

To start uploading images simply drag and drop your image(s) anywhere on the site or click on the upload button in the menu. You will be presented with a overview of you images where you can make changes before the actual upload begins. Click an image to add a title and a description (e.g. game title). If the image is NSFW (Not Safe For Work, contains nudity or heavy violence) then be sure to mark it that by selecting the check box. You can also resize the image if you wish. When you are done, simply click the green upload button and your image(s) will be uploaded.


You can put images into personal albums. This would be ideal if you are uploading several images of the same game. It is not a requirement since albums are connected to the member, not a specific game. But the function is there should you wish to use it. After you have uploaded several images you will be presented with an option to add them to a existing album or create a new album. If uploading only one image you have to go to the "Edit image details" option below the image on it's page.


"Not Family Safe" images are images that contain full frontal or partial nudity, heavy violence and/or gore. These images must be tagged with the "NFS" option by checking the "Not family safe upload" check box when uploaded and put into the "NSFW" category. If images are not tagged they might be deleted by a staff member. If you are unsure if your image(s) are NFS, tag it anyway. It's better to have tagged it and get the tag removed than not having tagged it and getting the image removed. NSFW images are hidden by default and must be enabled by going to Account settings > Content settings and selecting the "Show not safe content in listings (from others) " option.


Gamingshotz do not have specific categories to put images in. We have a few distinct categories for certain purposes and it is not necessary to put your uploads into a certain category (except NSFW images).

Edit or resize any image by clicking the image preview
Edit any image by touching the image preview
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You can add more images from your device, take a picture or add image URLs.
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